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Third-Party Manufacturing Company In India
Livo Universal is growing as the no 1 Third-party nutraceuticals manufacturing in the Nutra Ayurvedic industry. It is certified by leading organizations like GMP,FSSAI, and GMP. We provide contractual manufacturing facilities, and our company ensures reliable, uninterrupted supply and produces quality products. If you are looking for suppliers, visit this nutraceuticals B2B marketplace. Livo Universal is ruling on the top-notch Ayurveda industry. It maintains high-tech and hygiene manufacturing procedures, leading the industry. It produces all nutraceuticals in powder form. The manufacturing company is growing successfully as it keeps upgrading nature and switching to high technology. We have performed some automated software that raises our products without harming them. We do not compromise the quality and purity of our products. The experts examine them in detail before packaging. As a third-party manufacturing company, we lend our lab and guild you to produce products with the formulation you want. So, you can share your formulation, and we will help you produce the product. Our company also adds quality ingredients to your product that are eligible to raise the quality of your product.
Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Livo Universal supports the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) system that ensures products consistency and quality standards. It helps to minimize the pharmaceutical risks so that no issue would appear on the final production. But still, some main risks remain, such as products’ unexpected contamination, which causes serious damage or even death; putting an incorrect label on the container, which may cause the patient to receive the wrong medicine; including ingredients without measurement, that effect on treating a patient. GMP covers all these prospects of production.


The FSSAI licenses the company. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an independent body of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. It is liable for promoting or protecting public health by supervising food safety that ensures food quality.

FSSAI also formulates products’ controlling procedures. It helps to eliminate the hazardous or toxic elements from the product by monitoring each process to be assured of food safety.

Livo Universal is also certified by HACCP that defines food safety. HACCP is prepared in 7 principles:

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