Livo Universal (Health Cure) is a successor of the leading Ayurvedic brands of India. With the experience of 38 years, Livo Universal has been rated as one of the most trustworthy natural product brands. The Dhingra family first founded the brand in the 1980s as an Ayurvedic Medicine company, and now it developed its standard by better innovations.

Ayurveda is a natural and ancient way of sustaining health. It uses 5000 years old Vedic healing methods. Ayurveda helps in understanding the essential part of living our life effectively. The ancient process teaches us how nature works inside the human body. The natural herbs and spices contain natural healing power capable of treating several problems of the human body and mind.

Our Mission

Being a front-runner in the organic and herbal medicine market, we ensure that Livo Universal’s product adheres to excellent quality standards and is reinforced by research.
We are certified with ‘Good Manufacturing Practices and have harmonized herbal ayurvedic products specifically crafted to realize our goal.


Our vision is to expand Ayurveda globally and establish ourselves as the best manufacturing firm in this medical field. The primitive steps to execute this are equalizing health care and boosting heath standards.


We value our customers; that’s why we never compromise with quality. Our main goal is to build a strong network of the best Ayurvedic products manufacturers.

We stick to a transparent trade, including all kinds of business dealings, so that everyone must be benefited equally to ensure fair trade.

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