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About Livo UniversalTM

The ancient system of healing called Ayurveda is as old as the Vedas itself. Ayur-veda meaning ‘Life-Science’ has, over centuries inspired many other traditional medicines like Chinese, Greek, Tibetan, etc. The medical texts of Ayurveda were developed so that the human body can stay healthy and work to its full potential by following certain guidelines and diet patterns. Ayurveda prevents health problems and treats existing ones and strengthens the immune system.  The best part of ayurvedic medicines is that they are mild and have no side-effects.  Here are some of the facts about Ayurveda:

  • Ayurveda principle is based on the fact that the human body is made up of the five elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Space, and Air, which when works together in harmony makes a person healthy. Imbalances in these elements make a person sick. Diagnosis is based on eight methods or ‘Astavidharogipareeksha’ which include- Naadi (Pulse), Jivha(tongue), Shabda (voice), Drik (Eyes), Mutra (Urine), Mala (stool), Sparsha (skin), and Aakriti (body build)
  • Ayurveda treats the root of the problem, rather than focusing on just the affected part. Hence, it does not just cure the symptoms but removes the cause itself.
  • There are no complications or diseases which cannot be treated by Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda can be used for specialized treatments like- Surgery, Psychiatry, Paediatrics, Internal medicine, and many more.
  • Ayurvedic medicines don’t just use herbs as medicines but a combination of various substances such as- honey, ghee, oils, rock salts, minerals and numerous other compounds, which are mixed in specific proportions to give maximum benefit to the user.

Our Founders

Livo Universal (HEALTH CURE) has built a legacy for being one of India’s leading Ayurvedic brand. With over 38 years of experience, the name ‘LIVO’ stands for being the most trusted brand for natural products. The Dhingra family, which started operating in the 1980’s as an Ayurvedic Medicine company, has today evolved and set newer standards through better innovations.

Our focus is to strengthen our ties with our customers by providing them with products that have been our heritage from ancient times. We want to bring the best to our customers who have trusted us and have stood with us over the years and have become a part of our extended family.

We promise to continue providing you with natural products which will enhance your daily well-being.

Birth of our brand- Livo Universal

Livo Universal has taken inspiration from this ancient medicine to develop products which have been time-tested, for our customers. We intend to present our customers with the best products at cost-effective rates. Our products include Healthcare, Hair Care, Skin Care, and many more.

We aspire to provide our customers with specially formulated Ayurvedic products which are natural and free of chemicals. Livo has focused on reinventing this Ancient medicine to give the maximum benefit to its user depending on their modern lifestyles. We want our customers, to live a healthy, fit and long life and hence, we do not provide sub-standard products.

We are committed to keep bringing to you products for all your daily and specific needs.


Our Mission is to bestow our customers with the finest quality products that are highly-effective at cost-efficient rates.

Our forefathers believed in taking the best from nature and bring it to you, so you get the optimum from your life. We at Livo, believe that our environment is as fragile as life itself. Therefore, our researchers are highly-trained and have been developing formulations ensuring that no harm is caused to the environment and our customers get the best available options for higher quality of lifestyle.

We, at Livo, ensure that our products are entirely natural and are free from chemicals, synthetic preservatives,and animal products. They are organic and sustainable and tested for Safety.

In Pursuit of Excellence

Livo’s products reach you after being put through years of research, hard-work, and dedication from our research team. The contents used in our products are all natural, chemical free, beneficial, non-toxic with long-lasting effects.

Our organically produced plant extracts will ensure that there are no side-effects due to their usage. Our specially formulated medicines are manufactured using the highest standards which makes them safe for daily use.

Our products have been certified by AYUSH, GMP, ISO, thus, ensuring our products are consistent and are controlled by quality standards.

All our products are based on the traditional Ayurvedic recipes which have been noted in the Vedic scripts. They have been known cure all kinds of ailments with no side-effects. Since these medicines are natural, they are ideal for all age groups.

Ayurveda is considered to be more than 5000 years old when the life expectancy of humans was very short. Our Sages believed that for a human to live longer and healthier, they need to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Hence, the ayurvedic compositions are made to treat the entire system so that the root of the problem is removed. It is not meant to address just the particular issue but attack it at the source and eradicate it completely.

Components used in our products

We guarantee that ingredients used in our products are 100% safe and organic. They are tested to ensure that there is no harm due to regular usage. All the components are selected carefully and blended to perfection ensuring that only the best reaches our customers.

Our customer’s satisfaction and well-being are of utmost importance to us. So, we put all our products through various tests so that by the time it reaches you; it is entirely safe.

We also assure you that no animal products are used in our compositions, which makes it, even more, safer for your consumption.

Ayurvedic medicines have been known for their natural healing powers and increasing life-span. Though they are known to work slow on the human body, but they eradicate the ailment from the root ensuring that the problem never re-occurs. As the components are all organic, they have no side-effects and are safe for all age-groups.

Livo Universal brings you these proven remedies with an assurance of quality and long-term health benefits.

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