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    Manufacturers in India for 3rd Party MFG.

    Third-party nutraceuticals manufacturing is now a rising trend in this Nutra ayurvedic industry. Leading GMP, WHO, ISO, FDA, and fssai certified third-party nutraceuticals manufacturers offer contractual manufacturing facilities. If you are searching for a reliable supplier that can uninterrupted supply and manufactures quality products, visit this nutraceuticals B2B marketplace.

    High Tech Manufacturing

    Livo Universal is one of the top-notch leading manufacturers to rule the Ayurveda industry. Maintaining hygiene and high-tech manufacturing procedures help us to lead the market and make all nutraceuticals in powder form.

    Software for greater efficiency of your work

    Livo Universal successfully leads the manufacturing market because of its upgrading nature and switching to high technology. We have implemented some automated software to improve our products without harming the quality of the product.

    What Do We Manufacture?

    First of all we feel to give you the best quality of Protein Supplements, Weight Gainers, Mass Gainers, Preworkout, Creatine, Glutamine, Whey Plant Protein, BCAAs, EAAs, Oil Caffeine, L-Arginine, Cirtuline, Multi-Vitamins, Herb Blend Capsules, Post Workouts, Capsules Tablets and much more.


    Third-Party Manufacturing

    Livo Universal provides top-notch third-party manufacturing to pharma companies willing to grow their business and endow high-quality products in India and globally.

    Our firm is being licensed by fssai, and our ingredients COAs are approved by ISO, HACCP, FDA, GMP. Over the years of serving, Livo Universal earned a brand identity through sheer hard work and teamwork. We are deeply thankful to our dedicated and motivated team, who are ready to give their best to provide our clients satisfactory services. We have already gained a prestigious reputation in this field.

    Livo Universal offers high-end formulations and high-quality medicine supplement manufacturing facilities to their associate companies at an affordable price to boost them updated with the cut-throat market competitions. Being a victorious third-party nutraceuticals manufacturer, we provide complete healthcare products, including tablets, capsules, plant-based vegan protein, pre-workout caffeine, WHEY etc.

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    Product Packing 98%
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    Customer Satisfaction 100%
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    Product Quality 98%
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