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One scoop in Breakfast & one scoop Post-workout.
Can take up to three scoops by adding in dinner
As per directed by your Physician.
Advance or Professionals-
One Scoop in Breakfast + one Scoop Post Workout + one scoop Before bed.
Can Take up to 4 Scoops Per Day
As per directed by your Physician.
With Water-Post Workout
With Milk-Breakfast & Before Bed

  • *Protein-27gm
  • *Natural BCAA-6.2gm
  • *EAA-12.5gm
  • *Omega 3,6 & 9 (Fatty Acids)
  • *15 Kind of Herbs to Increase your Overall Performance(Like Ashwagandha,Black Maca,Spirulina etc.)
  • *Natural Source of Testosterone Booster.
  • *Goodness of Bhasams like Swaran Bhasam, Chandi Bhasam, Lauh Bhasam.
  • *Gluten and Sugar Free too.

Because we Livo Universal are the First in the World who Balanced Ayurveda and Isolate Whey Protein in a Great Way with a lot of herbs.

Which will take your Fitness to the next level.It also provides natural amino acids, vitamins & minerals for

muscles recovery. Which will Increase Testosterone Naturally and will increase Stamina, Strength, and Power too.

Our products do not have any side effects.
They are completely safe as they are being certified by GMP, AYUSH, ISO.
100% safe and natural.

As We Have added herbs and Different Bhasams in Ayu Tech That Enhance the Properties of Whey Protein. It helps to gain Muscles naturally.
Because of AYURVEDIC herbs, it improves Testosterone, Immunity, Digestion & Metabolism.

It will start showing improvement within 20-25 days.It gives Best and Natural results in 2-3 months.

As we have Combined Whey Protein with Ayurvedic Herbs so It Has many Benefits along with Hypertrophy. It will improve your Quality of Sleep Because of Ashwagandha.
We Have added Spirulina too which will help to Balance your fasting blood sugar level and the Ayutech Is Sugar-free too.

Absolutely No, Protein is Everybody’s Daily Requirement.The daily amount of Protein may Varies on different factors like Your Age,Height,Weight,Gender etc.

No,It has Natural Ingredients (Giloy, Amla, Ashwagandha, etc.) & completely safe.

As their are so many Herbs which will Increase your Immune System Like Giloy,Ashwagandha,Tulsi etc.
But the best product to boost up your immunity is IMMUNO-1 Drops.

Indigestion is very common in Today’s Society. We have a Product Named Roti Pachak for That. In which we have added Bhumi Amla, Amla, Harad etc.
Which will Detoxify your body & Improves your Digestion.

The Herb Named Milk Thistle is the best which helps in Liver cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, and gallbladder disorders.
We have used That in Our Product Named Livo-99.Other Herbs like Bhumiamla,Giloy,Kutki,Kasni Has Added too which will enhance the effectiveness of Milk Thistle.

Our products are certified with GMP, ISO and AYUSH.

As our Products work on the roots of the body, it strengthens your body from inside and
therefore it doesn’t show any side-effects its simply natural and safe.No-side effects after leaving the product.

It will take 2-6 working days to deliver.

No,Delivery is absolutely free (PAN India).

It is an Indian brand. It manufactured in India. Brand Name is Livo Universal.

All our products 100% are Vegetarian.
or you can call our customer care at
TOLL FREE Number – 1800-212-6067

We are at 3 Locations:
Punjab :(India):Plot No-81B (Basement) Industrial Area, Phase-5, Mohali,Punjab(Headoffice)
Delhi :(India) :SPO D2/2, Model Town, Part 3, 110009.
Canada :#54,Zezel Way,Scarborough,Toronto,Ontario m1p2x1.