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Flavoured Kaunch Beej is a very useful and beneficial medication that has been used from ancient times. Though this is useful for several diseases, this is extremely beneficial to treat any sexual diseases. Flavoured Kaunch Beej is also known as Kapikachhu seeds, Cowhage, velvet beans, and Cowitch etc. Latin name of this is Mucuna pruriens. This is basically a medicinal plant of India and it is constituent of formulations for several indigenous drugs.

Flavoured Kaunch Beej is found from a plant which is an annual twinning plant and only the seed part of the plant is being used for medical purpose. The colour of the seeds is initially white that gradually turns to violet and feathery while touching. These are the Kaunch Beej which has gathered numerous benefits for human lives –

Benefits of Flavoured Kaunch Beej Powder


With age and time, the skin loses its rejuvenation and goes down. Similar to any flower, skin, and face also get faded. Thus dullness and wrinkles take place there. Kaunch Beej can revive your face with freshness as it tones your skin and helps to keep it young. There are anti-ageing agents and this also increases skin tones and texture as well.

Kaunch Beej Anti Ageing
Kaunch Beej Anti Ageing

Increases Testosterone Level

Testosterone is a sex hormone that plays a crucial role to stimulate sexual performance. Flavoured Kaunch Beej has an anabolic impact and therefore they are helpful to increase the testosterone level. Low testosterone level leads a man to feel fatigue, low sex drive, and many more strength related issues. Though it is a problem which arises at some older age it can have a place at a young age too. Consuming Kaunch Beej can be a good solution for you to deal with the problem.

Increase Testosterone Level by Kaunch-Beej
Increase Testosterone Level by Kaunch Beej

Energy Enhancer

While we have discussed the usability of Kaunch beej to increase testosterone level and so as the sexual drive too, it also works as a great energy enhancer. It increases the energy level of human bodies that further leads to enhance the overall sexual performance.

Energy Enhancer by Kaunch Beej
Energy Enhancer by Kaunch Beej

Stress Buster

There are many ways to relieve your stress but if you are willing to go for some natural resource, Kaunch Beej can be the best source. The adequate dosage can lead you to relieve your stress and feel free.

Stress Buster by Kaunch Beej
Stress Buster by Kaunch Beej

Healthy Lifestyle

Flavoured Kaunch Beej has wrapped a number of health benefits for humans’ life and lifestyle, whether it is about stomach gasses, cholesterol levels, joint pains, diabetes, menstrual cycle, bone density or anything. Altogether we can say that it is a way to win a healthier lifestyle. From increasing fertility to handling moods, Kaunch beej is relieving to almost every health problems.

Healthy Lifestyle by Kaunch Beej
Healthy Lifestyle by Kaunch Beej


Flavoured Kaunch Beej is a herb that is stimulation of healthy lifestyle for everyone as it handles erectile dysfunction in men and along with the same, it also cures female infertility. Whether it is about arthritis, diarrhoea or any heart disease, Kaunch beej is reducing the troubles by keeping one healthy. Additionally, these beejes are capable enough to cure paralysis patients with its effectiveness. In-take is possible in a prescribed manner. And you can also consume the normal dosages as per your need. Buy Flavoured Kaunch Beej.

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